NOW What Race Is This?

I’ll get back to Eve content soon enough, but I did promise a followup on this… and it’s only fair to know what’s consumed entirely too much of my time these past few days.


Just a wee bit more finished than in the last post.


The wings are removable, so I could build it into other configurations. I suppose these would be bomber wings… two heavy launchers with large ammo bays, extra sensors and jamming equipment, and tertiary thrusters. But, I could (and maybe will) make wings for other roles; interceptor, general purpose, recon, electronic warfare… the possibilities aren’t quite endless, but there are several of them.


There’s the tertiary thrusters.


But the turret is another possible variable. Stock is a simple quad turret, suited for anti-fighter defense or something of that nature. It could just as easily be a different type of turret, though, or a bubble canopy for a passenger, or a hatch for extra cargo, or any number of things.


Of course, the primary weapon is this nasty thing. It’s big, nearly a third of the length of the whole ship, so whatever it is, you know you don’t want to be in front of it.


Bugger is so front-heavy that four landing gear in a Y configuration is required. The landing gear doors do work.


Primary sensor/electronic warfare cluster.


Did anyone order vectored thrust?


The canopy is tinted and offers a nice wide view.


Aaaand, the cockpit itself is nice and spacious, with all the necessary gear; primary and secondary console, throttle controls, side stick and targeting computer, plus some survival equipment tucked away.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Eve programming… at least for now.

What Race Is This?

One of my hobbies (if you can call it that) is Lego. Yeah, so what? I’m not going to apologize that I’m in my late twenties and still play with a children’s toy.


2013-02-22 22.30.54

This is the latest thing I’m working on, very much still a work in progress. So, I ask you:

I’ll ask again once it’s done and see if people’s opinions change…

Full of Stars

One of the little features in Retribution 1.1 is the “Show route path in space” feature, and it’s pretty much the most awesome yet completely pointless feature Eve has seen in a while.

That’s a good thing, in case it wasn’t clear. If you think otherwise, you’re even more of a bittervet than I am, and believe me – that takes some doing. Awesome yet pointless features like this are actually far from pointless – they add depth and immersion to the game.

One thing I’ve seen from a lot of players (appreciative or otherwise) is the sentiment that it’s probably just random. I don’t think so, though. The data files for Eve contain, among a great many other things, the location of every system in the game stored in them. I’m pretty sure you can even see them for yourself in the static data export if you look in the right place. These are simply XYZ coordinates, and if you have the coordinates of two points in space, it’s mathematically trivial to compute a) where one coordinate would appear in space if viewed from another and b) given the type of star at that coordinate – something also in the data files – how large and bright it should appear to be. And, of course, you can draw a line between the two.

So it could be generated on the fly rather than just a random projection, but did CCP actually do it that way? I already said I think so, but I’ll illustrate. Here’s my current route (click for large):route1

And here’s that same route, one jump along (click for large):


It’s distorted, as I’ve moved in the universe, but it looks about the same to me, or close enough. Just about the one thing missing is a line from my out-gate, but even that’s not necessary. Look closely in-game, and you’ll see that the color distortions in the line move, indicating your direction of travel.

Pointless yet completely awesome indeed.

I posted the thoughts on random/not random on the Eve forums earlier today. Here’s hoping it baits them into a response.

2/21 edit: I noticed today flying around on my market alt that the path is actually colored based on the security status (high/low/null) of the system the line leads to. Nice touch.

Duel Scamming

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when CCP announced the new dueling mechanic. Sure, it’s obviously just meant as a replacement for the idea of purposefully can flipping to gain a flag (why couldn’t people looking to duel that way just use a safespot? Is being able to duel on the Jita 4-4 undock that important?) but it still has an air of cheesiness to it.


In any case, one enterprising individual from TEST has already put it to much better use. The chatlog explains:

[ 2013.02.19 15:30:59 ] Karynak Idrissil > o/
[ 2013.02.19 15:31:09 ] tort-fk-off Maken > hello
[ 2013.02.19 15:31:20 ] Karynak Idrissil > Hey, i wanted to know
[ 2013.02.19 15:31:25 ] Karynak Idrissil > I have a bug with the new duel interface
[ 2013.02.19 15:31:38 ] Karynak Idrissil > I have the duel window open at all times, and i can’t reject it
[ 2013.02.19 15:31:51 ] Karynak Idrissil > Relogging does nothin :/
[ 2013.02.19 15:32:11 ] Karynak Idrissil > some guy told me re-dueling me from in-system might help
[ 2013.02.19 15:32:27 ] Karynak Idrissil > But i dont want some guy to scam me into a duel then blap me
[ 2013.02.19 15:32:36 ] Karynak Idrissil > SInce we’re both mining, i’m pretty safe :)
[ 2013.02.19 15:32:46 ] Karynak Idrissil > Could you duel me ?
[ 2013.02.19 15:32:54 ] Karynak Idrissil > i really hope it will get that bug away :/
[ 2013.02.19 15:33:19 ] tort-fk-off Maken > I hope it dont give it to me
[ 2013.02.19 15:33:26 ] Karynak Idrissil > Dont think so
[ 2013.02.19 15:33:47 ] Karynak Idrissil > right click me, pilot, invite to duel
[ 2013.02.19 15:34:34 ] Karynak Idrissil > I can’t believe that worked.
[ 2013.02.19 15:35:36 ] Karynak Idrissil > Sorry mate, i had to.
[ 2013.02.19 15:37:03 ] tort-fk-off Maken > your going to kill my ship
[ 2013.02.19 15:38:19 ] Karynak Idrissil > Yep.
[ 2013.02.19 15:38:21 ] Karynak Idrissil > Duel scam.
[ 2013.02.19 15:39:08 ] tort-fk-off Maken > your a nice piece of work
[ 2013.02.19 15:39:22 ] Karynak Idrissil > Just “asshole” will do
[ 2013.02.19 15:40:17 ] tort-fk-off Maken > there is a 10 mil bounty on you now
[ 2013.02.19 15:40:25 ] Karynak Idrissil > I suppose i deserve it.
[ 2013.02.19 15:40:55 ] Karynak Idrissil > Oops, forgot to bring extra ammo.
[ 2013.02.19 15:40:59 ] Karynak Idrissil > Good thing i have drones.
[ 2013.02.19 15:42:33 ] tort-fk-off Maken > you will be got
[ 2013.02.19 15:42:57 ] Karynak Idrissil > What?
[ 2013.02.19 15:43:02 ] Karynak Idrissil > I’m mining veld.
[ 2013.02.19 15:43:28 ] tort-fk-off Maken > your killing my ship
[ 2013.02.19 15:43:47 ] Karynak Idrissil > I’m mining veld off your ship
[ 2013.02.19 15:43:52 ] Karynak Idrissil > Pretty much the same
[ 2013.02.19 15:44:05 ] Karynak Idrissil > gf :)

Unfortunately, the very nature of dueling means that your victims have to actually be at the keyboard for it to work. Given mining these days, I’m not sure how much it will take off…

So hey, it’s a blog

Yes, there is a third “N”. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to many of you.

I write at for the visibility, but that’s all big idea posts and things of that nature. Don’t worry, that’s not going away (whether that’s good or bad news, I leave to the reader). I intend this to a be place for short thoughts, random banter, and in the coming CSM term, probably a supplemental avenue for communication, all under my control (for better or worse) and published on my timeline.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been tinkering with this damn site all afternoon, and I need to go make dinner. Real content can wait.