NOW What Race Is This?

I’ll get back to Eve content soon enough, but I did promise a followup on this… and it’s only fair to know what’s consumed entirely too much of my time these past few days.


Just a wee bit more finished than in the last post.


The wings are removable, so I could build it into other configurations. I suppose these would be bomber wings… two heavy launchers with large ammo bays, extra sensors and jamming equipment, and tertiary thrusters. But, I could (and maybe will) make wings for other roles; interceptor, general purpose, recon, electronic warfare… the possibilities aren’t quite endless, but there are several of them.


There’s the tertiary thrusters.


But the turret is another possible variable. Stock is a simple quad turret, suited for anti-fighter defense or something of that nature. It could just as easily be a different type of turret, though, or a bubble canopy for a passenger, or a hatch for extra cargo, or any number of things.


Of course, the primary weapon is this nasty thing. It’s big, nearly a third of the length of the whole ship, so whatever it is, you know you don’t want to be in front of it.


Bugger is so front-heavy that four landing gear in a Y configuration is required. The landing gear doors do work.


Primary sensor/electronic warfare cluster.


Did anyone order vectored thrust?


The canopy is tinted and offers a nice wide view.


Aaaand, the cockpit itself is nice and spacious, with all the necessary gear; primary and secondary console, throttle controls, side stick and targeting computer, plus some survival equipment tucked away.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Eve programming… at least for now.

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