CSM9: Week One

The first observation here is that it was difficult to write any CSM8 weekly updates with the likes of Jester around. Xander is doing a fine job of continuing the tradition. Hate ’em or love ’em, they’re both quite loquacious, which makes writing anything without feeling like I’m just regurgitating what’s been written elsewhere difficult. But hey, it is what it is. Hopefully as we proceed through the term, the fast pace imposed by the new release cycle will open up gaps for different coverage and viewpoints… or conflicting coverage of the same thing, which might make for a more interesting read!


Big news of the week, of course, is that we opted to eliminate officer positions in favor of forming an autonomous collective, to borrow the words of one FHC poster. As has been detailed elsewhere, people will pick up the work as necessary. One person might assume charge of driving the minutes process, for example, another (or two or three or four, if CSM8 was any indication) might take notes during meetings, and so forth. In short, the extra responsibilities of the old officer positions will be picked up voluntarily, and since those responsibilities were the foremost reasons for the positions, why keep them around?

For my part, I’m a fan.

Xander commented on the number of channels that the new members were admitted to after signing the NDA. Unfortunately, there are still more! While the various CSM8 channels will go away, we do have CSM Alumni (just what it sounds like), the CSM/CCP joint channel (likewise) and the CSM9 private channel (again, likewise). But over the next week or so I hope to see new serious business channels for each individual feature team. The CSM/CCP joint channel, after all, is very much a general bullshit channel, particularly in the evening EVE time when most of CCP is asleep but all the USTZ CSM members are still around. Individual team channels offer a no-nonsense place to discuss the features being worked on by that team. While they’re normally quiet, they’ve proven their worth over the course of CSM8, and are likely to be even more valuable under the new release tempo.

Both CSMs got together with Team Five-0 for a brief sprint review. This one was fairly low key, although what Xander referred to as “not to exciting” was this, and it’s easy to see how players might have what we’ll delicately call a mixed reaction to it.

Two other notables outside the sprint review. We’ve gotten to see the first iteration of stats for the Mordus Legion faction ships, and all I can say is I’m excited to get my hands on them. The stats and racial bonuses are very solid and fit the ships’ roles exceptionally well, and the role bonus is exceptionally interesting. While I suspect it’ll be under-appreciated at first, it certainly sets the ships apart and compliments their role nicely. I’ll have more to say on them once they get posted.

Finally, another “thing” for the upcoming release, which definitely sparked a lively debate amongst both ourselves and between us and CCP. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received by the players at large, although like Xander I think it’s a positive.

In other news, the new site layout is probably hard to miss. I’ve setup a new page with CSM9 member’s blogs, as well as links and RSS feeds for each member on  Eve-o. One thing in particular to note is the ability to search for CSM posts as a whole, which is either brand new or merely something I’ve never noticed; not sure which. Since that exists, though, perhaps we can get “jump to CSM post” functionality in forum threads as well?

Last but not least, CSM9 results, including the ballot files in the comment thread. I’m still digging into these in a bit more detail. In the meantime, Jester and Rhavas (who gets “a little ranty”) both have posts on the subject.

7 thoughts on “CSM9: Week One

    • Yep. Though contrasting views in a debate on a subject I can’t publicly talk about yet is tricky, for obvious reasons. “Yes, we disagreed, I can’t say why!”


      • Agree with Rhavas. Perhaps sketch out articles as the debates occur, so that your memory is fresh, then publish weeks or months down the road as those debate topics become public.

        That’s one thing we never saw from Ripard and likely will not see from Xander. They mention some “thing” they had issue with, or disagreement with, but by the time it is released, we never do get to hear about the nitty-gritty.


  1. If you keep this posting up, and we get to see your perspective on things you will probably move up my ballot from 14 to like 5th or 6th. Which is really high for a null player for me.

    I liked seeing your thoughts on interceptors. Looking forward to seeing your other random thoughts.

    I wouldn’t worry to much about saying the same thing as others. As long as you are not trying to meta game your blog posts and just mostly writing what you think. I would imagine we will see the differences you have come out in your words.

    And because of the way bonuses are worded versus how they are applied when I first read the role bonus I thought the net change was 0. But apparently it is a 1.5x increase in range with quicker application to boot.

    Great for rocket scram kiters, HAM point kiters, and Torps in general.


    • I’ll keep that all in mind :) And you’re hardly the only one thrown off by bonuses like that. When most bonuses are sub-100% it’s easy to forget that the way they’re usually applied is actually “Stat + Stat * Bonus”. It comes out the same as “Stat * Bonus” for anything under +100%, but for +100% and up it’s critical to get it right.


  2. Thanks for your posting, mynnna. I hope that you’ll be able to maintain your writing output here alongside all of your other Eve-related commitments. Fortunately, CSM9 has some active bloggers, so that should free you up for sharing perspectives on the crucial discussions (post-release).



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